Jan 2, 2024

Summer Blog Round Up

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by Katie Rapp

Summer is here and that means we need a summer blog post round up to get you off on the right foot! We have picked our six favorite summer-themed posts and put them all in one place. Everything from savoring summer to travel tips can be found right here. So what are you waiting for? Dive in!

Savoring Summer: Why Summer is My Favorite

Summer may be hot but it is a great season to savor time with your kids with vacations, staycations, weekend getaways, and day trips. Check out this post for tips on how to get the most out of summer break. 

Best Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

We live in Texas and that means summers are HOT! Like really hot. Sometimes I really think we live on the sun and not in the southern United States. That is why I love this post about how to beat the heat. There are some super fun but practical tips to keep you and your kids cool.

11 East Texas Family Outings

Part of having a fantastic summer is having some amazing outings. Staying at home all of the time can give anyone cabin fever and our kids aren’t exempt. Many of the things on this list are free or reasonably priced and can just add some zest to any day.

5 Top Staycation Ideas

When a trip away is needed but maybe a full-fledged vacation isn’t in the budget or the calendar, you can always plan a staycation! We put together a list of our top staycation ideas to give you some inspiration.

50 Summer Fun Ideas

This list isn’t comprehensive but it is pretty close. Check out these 50 summer fun ideas and choose some to commit to this season! I’m personally looking forward to doing some tye die with my kids this year. 

Our Favorite Family Travel Tips

Traveling happens during this break for many families, so we shared our favorite tips to give you a leg up. With tips that help with packing, planning, and screen time we think your family road trip will be the best yet. 


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