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Elder Leadership

Believing that Christ is the head of the Body of Believers, His Church, Grace Community is
governed by a council of Elders. This council seeks to provide leadership and direction to Grace
Community and its ministries. The Full Elder Council of Grace Community is drawn from the pool of men at our church who are qualified by Biblical standards as Elders. Elders are nominated and vetted by the Full Elder Council and voted on by the membership of Grace Community Church.

The Full Elder Council serves in the ministry of the church but governs Grace Community through the Executive Elder Board of the Church. According to the Grace Community Constitution, the Executive Elder board is made up of 12 Elders who are appointed from and by the Full Elder Council to 4-year terms of service. The Executive Elders serve as the official Board of Grace Community and are responsible to oversee the continued operations of Grace Community Tyler. The Executive Board has deployed three oversight boards to assist in leading Grace Community.

They include:

1) The Stewardship Board – Responsible to review and provide oversight to all business
aspects of Grace Community Tyler.

2) The Mission Board – Responsible for deploying the resources of Grace Community to
reach city, region, nation, and world.

3) The School Board – Responsible to provide wisdom and oversight to all aspects of Grace Community School.

The Senior Pastor serves at the discretion of the Executive Elder Board and is given the responsible and authority to lead the Grace Community Tyler staff to accomplish the agreed upon missions of Grace Community Church, Grace Community School, and Grace Community Early Education.