We’re all on a mission here and beyond.

Jesus said, “Go, and make disciples…” Let’s do it together.

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to be missional

it’s in our veins.

At Grace Community Church, we want to be facilitators of missional opportunities for you and your family.

Start here, or there.

Local Missions.

We partner with a handful of local and nationwide ministries where you can use your gifts and talents to serve others and share about Jesus right here in the USA.

Short-Term Missions.

Every year, we plan short mission trips where you can help ministries and missionaries in what they are doing in that nation. From playing with kids to helping build something, the short time you’ll spend showing Jesus will make a lasting impact.

The Explore program.

If God calls you to long-term service to a particular nation, you can apply to our EXPLORE course, a 12-24 month, self-paced training designed to prepare you for serving as an international missionary.


the team.

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Know our ministry partners and wonderful missionaries we support around the world.

Local & Regional Partners

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international Partners

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We are in this


Get to know our ministry partners and wonderful missionaries we support around the world.

Our missionaries 

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Join us in prayer for our missionaries and partners around the world.

Voices of Grace PODCAST

Listen to stories and interviews of our missionaries and missional people in our church.

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Short-term trips

long-lasting impact

Short-term trips

long-lasting impact!

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If you sense God is prompting you to serve as a missionary beyond our borders, the next step is to take the EXPLORE course, designed to help you navigate the invitation to go to the nations. Click the arrow to learn more.

Explore is a 12–24-month self-paced course designed to prepare you for serving as an international missionary. The Explore Course is a required step in the process of becoming a missionary sent out by Grace Community Church. Here is what you can expect…

  • STEP 1: Be introduced to a Missions Staffer who will answer your questions.
  • STEP 2: Download and submit the Explore Course application.
  • STEP 3: Meet the Grace Mission Board. Get accepted to the course.
  • STEP 4: Work with us to craft a course focused on your growth areas.
  • STEP 5: Get matched with course mentors and mission assignments.
  • STEP 6: You begin day one of the Explore Course.

The Explore Course utilizes a combination of learning from mission veterans, dialogue education, and mentoring to teach participants. You can expect the course emphasis to include discipleship multiplication, spiritual growth, the power of prayer, God at work in the world, assessments, spiritual warfare analysis, raising third culture kids, healthy marriages, first aid mental health, fiscal responsibility, generosity, and more.


Q: What if I think God wants send me/us beyond our borders in a business as mission role? Is Explore still for me?

Yes! Explore is designed to equip traditional missionaries and international business professionals to go build relationships, share the Gospel, and make disciples that make more disciples.

Q: Do I need to attend Grace Community Church to participate in the Explore course?

You do need to be an active member of Grace Community Church (GCC) to participate in the Explore course. If you are seeking financial support from GCC you will need to have been attending for a minimum of 3 years.

Q: Is the Explore course something that I can do remotely beyond the borders of East Texas?

The Explore course requires you to be physically present for 12-24 months to actively participate in the face-to-face mentor meetings and many relational opportunities that take place.

Q: Is there a fee to apply for and take the Explore course?

No. There is not a fee to take the Explore course and all of your course materials will be provided. We do ask that you commit to investing your time by completing the course within the 12-24 month timeframe.

Q: Can I be employed full-time and still complete the Explore course?

Yes. The course is designed to accommodate readings, discussions, and mentor meetings that need to take place in the evening or on weekends. Our mentors will work with you to find a regular meeting time that is compatible with your work schedule.



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