Jun 7, 2021

Best Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

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When the weather outside is frightful and a fire is definitely not delightful… yes, we are talking about you summer! (Insert side-eye) You’re coming in hot. 


It’s quickly becoming that time of the year when all we want to do is sit in an ice-cold bath and avoid stepping outside. 


No doubt we will be rotating between all the local splash pads, turning on the sprinkler multiple times a week, and devouring cold watermelon as much as we can. 


Summer in Texas can be excruciating, but I want to make the best of it and I want to help you do the same. Below are a few practical and fun ways to help beat the heat this summer while making memories.




What’s not to love about it? Go out for it. For those looking for a creative option, buy a handful of different flavors of the same brand of ice cream and do a taste test! You could really make things fun if you put a blindfold on older kids or adults.


Watch a movie, but make it unique 


There are some creative things you can do such as popping some popcorn, making a pallet, or bringing a camping tent inside.


Make your own snow cones


Add some sweetened condensed milk to your snow cone and it will stop you in your tracks.


Throw a Christmas in July party


If you can’t wait for Christmas to come around again then spend a day decorating and making the most of July 25th!


Wash your car


Grab a bucket and some towels and get the family involved. It will cool you off AND you’ll have a sparkly car in the end.


Dollar movies


Most of the local movie theaters offer dollar kid’s movies during the summer. They aren’t new releases but are usually fan favorites!


Scope out the places in town that offer free meals for kids


o   Sundays at Slim Chickens

o   Mondays at Freebirds

o   Tuesdays at Texas Roadhouse

o   McAllister’s Kids meals are ALWAYS $1.


Pinterest has no shortage of brilliant ideas 


A quick browse will not fail you.


Get Social


Create a Facebook group that moms can join to discuss play dates & outing ideas. Everything is more fun in the heat with friends!


Hit up all the indoor play places 


Yes, the ones with A/C! To name a few: The Discovery Science Center, The Planetarium at TJC, Urban Air, iJump, Little land, Grand Slam. Watch for deals online at all of these places to not break the bank.


Keep It All In Perspective


It is usually late June when my kids and I start dreaming about one day having a pool in our backyard. I can practically hear the screams and squeals and see the cannonballs. 


I envision the many people it would gather while keeping everyone cooled off.  I can start believing the lie that a pool is “all we need” to keep everyone happy and cooled off in the heat of the day. 


I can start wishing and become so focused on that ONE thing. Fill in the blank for you. “If I only had ____________, then my life would be so much better.” Don’t get me wrong, I do think it would be incredibly fun, but for me, it’s a heart issue. 


A pool won’t bring me satisfaction. Christ and Christ alone is what brings satisfaction on this side of eternity.


Summer is a SEASON and even when it feels like it’s never-ending, ask the Lord to help you. Turn on the hose and turn your eyes to Jesus.  


There is much joy to be found in your very ordinary life. Pull out the baby pool. Kids don’t need all the bells and whistles. In fact, jump in yourself and beat the heat while creating some awesome memories and seeking Jesus through it all, even on the sweatiest of days.

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