Jul 19, 2021

5 Top Staycation Ideas

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Summer is a time when most people think of “vacation.”  This could mean traveling to see family, going to the beach, getting away, or even that amazing Disney vacay that so many people dream of.

All of that is amazing and I hope you got to do that if you wanted to. But the reality for many people with families, jobs, and shoestring budgets is that a big vacation may not be possible.

That’s okay too.

We are one of those families that don’t really get to take traditional vacations. Many times it is to see family or nothing at all.

Enter the “staycation.”

This is a way to get away without going far or spending too much money. I want to share some of my favorite staycations with you. I hope to inspire you to make the most of the summer with your kids.


Backyard Camping

This is actually not my favorite but it is loved by the kids. I don’t see the point in sleeping outside in the heat when there is AC literally 20 feet away. But the point is to shake things up and make some amazing memories.

So set up that tent, fire up the grill or fire pit, and settle in for a night of giggles that will be talked about for summers to come.


Eat Out at a Fancy Restuarant

If you want to splurge a bit and your kids aren’t used to eating out all of the time this is a great way to make summer special. Pick a fancy restaurant, dress up more than usual, and don’t forget to order dessert AND an appetizer.


Amusement Park

Are you close to an amusement park? Or at least an hour or two away? Schedule a day trip and head to Six Flags or whichever amusement parks are in your area. You could even stay in the area go two days in a row so you can ride all of the rides and squeeze out every ounce of fun.


Head Out to a Hotel

Kids LOVE staying in hotels. The continental breakfast, pool, and just getting away from normal life is a highlight of hotel stays. One fun staycation idea is to book a hotel for a few nights even if it is in your town. You don’t have to go far away to have a great time swimming and hanging out. If you want to explore a nearby town or area you can book a hotel farther away also. The sky is the limit. The only requirement is to make memories.



Hey moms this one is for you. Plan a few days or a screen-free week. Completely unplug and plan a week of outdoor activities, board games, and downtime. This provides some much-needed technology detox for not only the kids but for parents as well.

You may get some pushback during the first couple of days, but your family won’t even miss their devices by the end of the time. I do suggest you give them a heads up, have a solid plan, and maybe even post a countdown to screen-free week.

No matter what you do whether it is a staycation or a vacation the point is to be intentional, make memories, and choose joy. 



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