Feb 10, 2022

Valentine’s Day Activities for Families

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When I was younger I looked forward to February, because of chocolates, flowers, and pink. My mom gifted us something for Valentine’s Day every year from elementary through high school. Sometimes we received a box of chocolates shaped like a heart, a sweet card to remind us how much we are loved, or a cute stuffed animal. That simple gesture is still some of my fondest memories. I also enjoyed making cards at school for my mom and friends. 


During the month of February, we get to focus on a particular shape that many associate with love, the heart. This fun shape can be played with all month. There are several ideas as to what you can do with the kids for Valentine’s Day and throughout the month. Not only that it is a great opportunity to show others the love of Christ. Here are five fun ways to interact with your kids and remind them of God’s love. 

Decorate Your Home

How fun would it be to put up a garland, add some fun colors, and flowers? This can also be a fun DIY project, using cardboard, yarn, construction paper, doilies, crepe paper, and so much more. 


Does your family love baking? Well, bring out the cookie cutters, some frosting, and sprinkles. Baking is a great way to engage kids to learn about sticking to recipes and the accomplishment that comes with baking a delicious baked good. Make some extra to share with your neighbors. 

Making Cards

This may just be my favorite. Grab some construction paper and glue. The cards can be simple in design or as extravagant as you’d like. You can put statements in them like, “Jesus loves YOU!”, “You are loved.”, or “Happy Valentine’s Day.” A few ideas as to who the cards can be for, the cards can go to a nursing home, a foster care agency, a neighbor with the baked goods, a family member, or friends. 

Make Dinner

Heart-shaped pizza anyone? If you are able, attempt making your dough from scratch and shape your dough into a heart. Time-saving tip: purchase pre-made dough and shape the dough. 


Allow your child the opportunity to be creative. Make a hug using a large heart shape and accordion arms. Do you or your child love to paint? Ask them to make a painting that represents what love means to them, then talk about it. If you have a LEGO lover in the home, ask them to build heart shapes out of their LEGOs

Bottom line is to have fun and spark conversation about the love of God. Enjoy the journey the kids will inevitably take you on as they grow in their understanding of how to love others as God has loved them. 

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