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Feb 1, 2023

Happy Blog Day

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by Katie Rapp

I’m going to take a line from Buddy the Elf and make it my own. “I love WRITING!!! WRITING is my FAVORITE!!!” Every word of that is true. Writing is something I have always done and love doing. So when the idea of starting a Grace K!DS blog came up I knew I needed to be a part of it. 


It actually didn’t even start in the year it was first talked about. A list of topics was put together, Marco Polos flew back and forth (because we were on lockdown because of COVID), ideas were thrown out there and excitement was everywhere. But as the tough parts of COVID kept going and capacity went down because of how emotional everything was (also kids were home. It was like Lord of the Flies at my house.) It kind of fizzled. 


But God wasn’t done with those dreams. He didn’t let the blog idea go completely away and a year ago today we launched the Grace K!DS blog! 


God works in the waiting. He gave margin where there was no margin, he used gifts that had been sitting on a shelf collecting dust, and he used the blog platform to get his message, his hope, his encouragement, and his love for parents and families to a whole new audience. 


Of course, we had some hiccups and missteps along the way. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing but nothing ever is. Especially when it is worth doing. But we wouldn’t change anything.


Everything has been worth it. Learning, growing, changing, and using this platform for Christ and the Glory of God outweighs anything that has been challenging.  We would do it all again ( I mean, I can’t speak for EVERYONE, but I’m sure they agree!). 


Our prayer for this blog is that it is God’s platform, not ours. That we always, always, always, present valuable, Christ-centered content that glorifies God. We aim to build the kingdom of God not our own. We pray that you will see and understand how much God loves you and what he has done for you and your family. That you will understand the big picture of what God is doing. 


Our goal is to be faithful over being successful. That we will be faithful with what God has given us. Faithful to serve those in front of us. 


Thank you for taking this journey with us. We can’t wait to see what God with this next year. 


Looking for a community or someone to grab coffee with who is in a similar life season? We’d love to connect with you and get to know you better! Below you will find a few people that can’t wait to meet you, shoot us an email so we can make a plan!

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