Missional Life
Living a missional lifestyle locally and around the world

Mission is needed because there are not enough people worshipping God here on earth. As a result, the missional life, adopting the lifestyle of a missionary, wherever one lives, works, and plays is what a life on mission looks like.  Around the world, it entails sending people as international missionaries, developing long-term partnerships with nationals, and providing opportunities to engage in mission around the world.  In the city, it starts with loving neighbors, knowing your co-workers, and culminates in living on mission with other believers.  So that each Christ follower might earn the opportunity to be heard and make the Gospel known.

  • The Fisherman’s Trust
    The Fisherman’s Trust

    The Fisherman’s Trust is based in bangalore India.

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  • World Relief
    World Relief

    In community with the local Church, World Relief envisions the most vulnerable people transformed economically, socially, and spiritually.

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  • Larry & Jolene Allen
    Larry & Jolene Allen
    Tyler, TX - YWAM

    The Allens oversee the YWAM-Tyler training department.

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  • Dick & Judy Amos
    Dick & Judy Amos
    Japan - One Mission Society

    Dick and Judy travel yearly to Japan to strengthen and encourage the churches.

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  • Mick & June Bandy
    Mick & June Bandy
    Australia/Pacific - YWAM, SIL, Wycliffe partnership

    Mick and June work in Australia and Pacific islands

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  • Bob & Sydney Biddulph
    Bob & Sydney Biddulph
    Spain - One Mission Society

    Bob and Sydney’s work with church planters in Spain and North Africa

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  • Josh & Maggie Ghrist
    Josh & Maggie Ghrist
    Mombasa, Kenya - Lighthouse for Christ Mission

    Josh is the Mission Director for Lighthouse for Christ. He and Maggie have served in Mombasa, Kenya for 11 years.

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  • Tim & Toni Ghrist
    Tim & Toni Ghrist
    Mombasa, Kenya - Lighthouse for Christ Mission

    Tim and Toni Ghrist, have been missionaries with the Lighthouse for Christ Mission for 33 years.

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  • Trace & Christa Hagler
    Trace & Christa Hagler
    Oaxaca, Mexico - United World Mission

    Trace and Christa are located in Oaxaca, Mexico, working as pioneer church planters.

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  • Robert & Debbie Hale
    Robert & Debbie Hale
    Tyler, TX - Wycliffe Bible Translators

    As a Field Coordinator for Wycliffe Bible Translators, Robert’s task is to come alongside field partners in the design and management of…

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  • Chad & Serina Hollowell
    Chad & Serina Hollowell
    Charlotte, NC - United World Mission

    Chad & Serina are based at the United World Mission headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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  • Malcolm & Jean Hunter
    Malcolm & Jean Hunter
    Mariposa, CA – Semi-retired from SIM International

    Since retirement, Malcolm and Jean continue to be active in ministry travel…

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  • Valarie Johnson – Wycliffe Bible Translators – Australia/PNG
    Valarie Johnson – Wycliffe Bible Translators – Australia/PNG
    Australia/PNG - Wycliffe Bible Translators

    Valarie serves in the combined roles of member care and scripture use, providing support for translators in Northern Territory Australia, Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea.

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  • M&M
    Creative Access Country

    M&M serve in a creative access nation as church planters and disciple makers.

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  • Robby & Rose Roberts
    Robby & Rose Roberts
    Italy - Crossworld

    Robby and Rose are church planters in central Italy and disciple future young leaders…

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  • Lynn & Tarrie Schall
    Lynn & Tarrie Schall
    Thailand - YWAM

    Lynn and Tarrie Schall Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand…

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  • Andrew & Anne
    Andrew & Anne
    USA - Wycliffe Bible Translators

    Andrew is an international translation consultant working under the auspices of The Seed Company, a partner organization of Wycliffe.

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  • S.S.
    Creative Access Country

    S.S’s focus of ministry is relationship evangelism and discipleship…

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  • Brian & Robyn Wallace
    Brian & Robyn Wallace
    Ecuador - Extreme Response

    Brian and Robyn Wallace, alongside their 3 children, serve people living in extremely difficult conditions in Quito, Ecuador, South America…

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  • Abby-Lane

    Abby is currently working with Frontiers in the USA while she searches joining potential teams in creative access nations.

  • Shane & Katie
    Shane & Katie
    Creative Access Nation - YWAM

    Shane & Katie serve with YWAM in a creative access nation…

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  • Doug & Amy Williams
    Doug & Amy Williams
    Italy - Crossworld

    The Williams family currently are learning the language and doing some relationships evangelism as they adapt to the culture. Their long-term plans are included continued relationship evangelism and church planting, potentially in Milan.