Missional Life
Living a missional lifestyle locally and around the world

Mission is needed because there are not enough people worshipping God here on earth. As a result, the missional life, adopting the lifestyle of a missionary, wherever one lives, works, and plays is what a life on mission looks like.  Around the world, it entails sending people as international missionaries, developing long-term partnerships with nationals, and providing opportunities to engage in mission around the world.  In the city, it starts with loving neighbors, knowing your co-workers, and culminates in living on mission with other believers.  So that each Christ follower might earn the opportunity to be heard and make the Gospel known.

  • The Fisherman’s Trust
    The Fisherman’s Trust

    The Fisherman’s Trust is based in bangalore India.

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  • World Relief
    World Relief

    In community with the local Church, World Relief envisions the most vulnerable people transformed economically, socially, and spiritually.

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  • Larry & Jolene Allen
    Larry & Jolene Allen
    Tyler, TX - Youth With A Mission

    Larry and Jolene are responsible for the oversight and training of national and international students who then go forth as missionaries. Presently, they have sent out missionaries from School of the Bible (SOTB) to multiple countries throughout the Americas, Eurasia, Australia, and Africa.

  • Dick & Judy Amos
    Dick & Judy Amos
    Japan - One Mission Society

    Dick and Judy travel yearly to Japan to strengthen and encourage the churches.

  • Mick & June Bandy
    Mick & June Bandy
    Perth, Australia - Youth With A Mission

    Mick & June work with YWAM Perth, Discipleship Bible School International and The SALT Project. They train and mentor pastors and community leaders in learning the Scriptures in their heart language and to make God’s Word culturally relevant by living out the Scriptures in everyday life in the village.   They also pioneered and lead the Discipleship Bible School (DBS) in Central Asia.

  • Bob & Sydney Biddulph
    Bob & Sydney Biddulph
    Madrid Spain - One Mission Society

    Bob and Sydney, serving 40+ yrs. with One Mission Society in Madrid, Spain, are involved in evangelism, discipleship and pastoral counseling.  Their passion continues to be introducing people to the Lord Jesus, disciplining mature believers, and helping people work through numerous traumas.

  • Josh & Maggie Ghrist
    Josh & Maggie Ghrist
    Mombasa, Kenya - Lighthouse for Christ Mission

    Josh and Maggie Ghrist serve as the Mission Director of Lighthouse for Christ Mission in Mombasa, Kenya. After 12 years of service, and raising their three boys (Matthew, Caleb, and Jordan), they are confident that God has directed their steps into this role and call Kenya “home”.  Josh oversees the three arms of the mission- the eye clinic, the Bible school and the fellowship of churches. Maggie serves as Teams and Hospitality Coordinator for their ever-growing mission.

  • Tim & Toni Ghrist
    Tim & Toni Ghrist
    Mombasa, Kenya - Lighthouse for Christ Mission

    Tim is a field partner with the Lighthouse for Christ Mission residing most of the year in Mombasa, Kenya. He helps to oversee a one-year Bible School that trains about 20 young people and pastors in  the Bible, English, ministry skills, and employment skills.  He also overall tries to encourage all of the students to have a vital relationship with Jesus.  In addition,Tim also helps local pastors plant churches in South East Kenya.

  • Greg & Denyse
    Greg & Denyse
    Southeast Asia

    Greg and Denyse are helping to facilitate a dynamic Disciple Making Movement in a Southeast Asia country which has penetrated 50 Unreached People Groups and has spread to 16 other Asian countries.  Over the past 12 months, an average of more than 5,000 people a month have come to faith through this movement.  The total number of people who have come to faith through this movement is now more than 159,000!

  • Trace & Christa Hagler
    Trace & Christa Hagler
    Oaxaca, Mexico - United World Mission

    Trace and Christa, along with their four children, Aidan, Rebecca, Andrew, and Annalise, serve alongside Mexican nationals to evangelize and establish churches among the indigenous unreached people groups of Oaxaca. Christa also works in an outreach ministry to women who work in prostitution in Oaxaca. They have started a drop-in center for the women where outreaches take place and classes for the women are taught.

  • Robert & Debbie Hale
    Robert & Debbie Hale
    Tyler, TX - Wycliffe Bible Translators

    As a Senior Field Coordinator for Wycliffe Bible Translators, Robert’s task is to come alongside field partners in Francophone (French-speaking) Africa in the design and management of translation projects. The Senior Field Coordinator leads a team of Field Coordinators who provide a means of accountability for projects, both in terms of finances and progress toward stated goals. While the primary focus of these projects is Scripture translation, they also involve literacy, Scripture Use, training of nationals, language survey, as well as technical and administrative services. The Hales consider it a blessing to still be involved in bringing the Scriptures to those without it in Francophone Africa where they lived and worked for 11 years.

  • Chad & Serina Hollowell
    Chad & Serina Hollowell
    North Carolina - United World Mission Headquarters

    Chad and Serina’s ministry with United World Mission is to provide for missionaries and leaders spiritual retreats, come along side as “companions of the soul” in mentoring relationships, and offer guided resources for engaging the deep love of Christ in serving His mission to redeem a people for His name in every tribe, tongue and nation.  Leaders and churches that Delight God and Surprise the World!  They seek to offer Christ to the lost anywhere they are engaged, discipleship of those new in the faith, and formation and leadership development to those engaged in missions and Christian ministry.  Chad serves in organizational leadership to assess and adapt to the rapidly changing world of missions so United World Mission continues with relevance and excellence.

  • Malcolm & Jean Hunter
    Malcolm & Jean Hunter
    Retired - SIM International

    Since retirement, Malcolm and Jean continue to be active in ministry travel…

  • M&M
    Restricted Access Nation

    M&M have worked for the past 25 years with helping to plant home fellowships in a country where the church is very young. They have a special focus on helping the church grow in the knowledge of the Word of God, seeking to establish firm foundations. Besides teaching and training, they are involved with writing and distributing materials that are geared specifically to the needs of young believers in this part of the world to help them grow in their faith.

  • Robby & Rose Roberts
    Robby & Rose Roberts
    Italy - Crossworld

    Robby and Rose are church planters in central Italy and disciple future young leaders…

  • Lynn & Tarrie
    Lynn & Tarrie
    Asia - Youth With A Mission

    Lynn & Tarrie are majoring in language cultural study. They desire to facilitate effective communication of the gospel to the people in the region who have a Buddhist worldview.

  • Andrew & Anne
    Andrew & Anne
    North Carolina - Wycliffe Bible Translators

    Andrew is an international translation consultant working under the auspices of The Seed Company, a partner organization of Wycliffe. In this role he trains and mentors local language speakers to become translators. He also helps to train and mentor other expats or national colleagues to become more competent translation consultants through one-on-one mentoring, and through workshops and seminars. From 2019 forward, Andrew will be focused on helping two languages finish their OT manuscripts and check them in preparation for publication.


    Anne works in HR for Wycliffe.  She assists families work toward resolving a variety of personal issues which have required them to leave their field of service.  The goal is to help them if possible return to the field.

  • S.S.
    Creative Access Country

    S.S’s focus of ministry is relationship evangelism and discipleship…

  • Brian & Robyn Wallace
    Brian & Robyn Wallace
    Quito, Ecuador - Extreme Response

    Brian and Robyn Wallace, alongside their 3 children, Boston, Noel, and Clayton, serve people living in extremely difficult conditions in Quito, Ecuador, South America.  The Wallaces are missionaries with Extreme Response International, a humanitarian aid organization. They focus on orphans and vulnerable children, women’s empowerment, education, and leadership development.  They strive to offer hope, the greatest being hope in a Savior who longs to spend eternity with them. Brian is the America’s Regional Director, shaping the direction and vision of the region while investing in the missionary staff, the Quito Dump Program, and connecting with nationals ministering to their fellow countrymen.   Robyn supervises the afterschool program and leads the region in planning and statistic gathering. The Quito Dump Program through ER reaches out to people who sift through the trash for items to recycle. The Wallaces are committed to humbly seeking the Lord and whatever task he puts before them, whether it be celebrating a family that has broken the bonds of oppression or hashing through the budget.

  • Shane & Katie
    Shane & Katie
    Restricted Access Nation

    Their family is privileged to serve in a creative access nation where they get to see the local church growing, maturing, reaching out to their neighbors and influencing their country. Their main focus is education in the English language, so if you are interested in teaching in a beautiful and strategic place where God is on the move, they could help you get started!

  • Doug & Amy Williams
    Doug & Amy Williams
    Milan, Italy - Crossworld

    Doug & Amy, with their children, Lilly, Zachary and Story, spent a year in Bologna studying Italian.  They recently moved to Cernusco Sul Naviglio, near Milan, Italy to work in full time discipleship and church planting.

  • Brice & Samantha Wilson
    Brice & Samantha Wilson
    Cape Town, South Africa - Extreme Response

    Brice and Sam are with Extreme Response International, a non-profit organization that focuses on orphans and vulnerable children, women’s empowerment, providing educational access, and leadership development.  They strive to offer hope to the people they work with, the greatest being hope in a Savior who longs to spend eternity with them. Brice is the Regional Director for Africa, shaping the direction and vision of the region while investing in the staff, the Dream Centre afterschool program, which provides education reinforcement to primary school students, and strategically connecting with community-based ministry partners.  Samantha serves in the Dream Centre, helps mentor young ladies who are on staff or serving with Extreme Response for a short time, and assists Brice with staff development and care.

  • Daniel & Kacy Bristol
    Daniel & Kacy Bristol
    Indonesia - Mission Aviation Fellowship

    Daniel and Kacy Bristol, along with their daughter Veda, are excited to serve the Lord as missionaries through Mission Aviation Fellowship in Indonesia. Daniel’s role as a pilot/mechanic will be to provide flights to remote areas to support missionaries and ministry —a task that can save days of travel. He will also fly community development supplies including Bibles, building materials, schoolbooks, and other essential cargo. Whether it is a medical evacuation flight or a supplies transfer, Daniel will use these opportunities to share Christ’s love with the isolated people he will encounter. Kacy will be focusing on creating a warm and inviting home not only for their family, but also for other missionary families and local women in their community. To contact Daniel & Kacy; www.maf.org/bristol

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