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Jan 5, 2024

Wrapping Up Another School Year

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by Katie Rapp

Is it just me or does time seem to get faster and faster? When I only had preschoolers it seemed like time crawled by but once my big kids hit the school-age years it has been a whirlwind of school days, homework, and activities. I finally catch my breath just to see another school year about to end. 


By the time this publishes it will literally be the last day of school in our district. As you are reading this, I might be at a class party or in the final pick-up line of the year. I might also be hiding in my closet with the last ice cream bar wondering how it is only 10 minutes into summer vacation and the wheels are already falling off. 


I’m kidding.




Anyway, the point of this post is to help you wrap up another school year well with hope, encouragement, and laughter. So here are my top tips for ending this year of a high note. 

Make an Effort to Slow Down

In the tornado of class parties, sporting events, banquets for a kajillion activities, and normal life still happening at the same time it is almost impossible to not miss the important parts. We need to make an effort to slow down. 


We can’t slow downtime or the speed at which these events happen. We can’t even control the schedule of these different things but we can change how we experience them. So much stress can revolve around parties, sports, and banquets that we forget to make sure we actually experience what we have prepared for. 


Have you ever seen The Matrix? One of the most iconic parts of that movie (to me anyway) is when he realizes he can slow down to avoid the bullets. He does that cool backbend move which had all of us on the edge of our seats. 


I like to think that at that moment it wasn’t actually his surroundings that slowed down, even though that is what the writers would tell you. I like to believe that it was him who was able to slow down and really be where he was at that moment, giving him more control over how he experienced his surroundings.


I believe this is true for us too. We can savor the events, the moments, the games instead of hurrying through them or wishing them away so we can rest. 

Remember Them This Age

I don’t want to be that person who makes you feel all sad and doomsday like when it comes to your kids growing up but they will never be the age they are now again. I know, it is a terrible thing to think but even tomorrow morning, they won’t be the age they are today. 


So part of wrapping up another school year is to remember them at this age. Remember who they are as a 5th grader or a kindergartener. Take photos, make memory books, stop for a minute and really look at them and listen to what they are saying. 


What excites them? What are their favorite things? What do they want to do when they grow up? Really soak it in. 

Be Intentional With Time

Sometimes it is important to say no to something that will prevent you from being intentional. It might be a good thing or something that would be fun but if it will pull you away from being intentional with your kids then you need to say no. 


Time is precious. There is only so much of it and we aren’t promised the next moment let alone the next day. What is the best thing to say yes to over the okayest thing to say yes to? Make sure your yes counts as you wrap up this school year with your kids. 

Be Thankful 

This section doesn’t really need my help. I don’t really need to elaborate on this but I will say a few things. Being thankful for every moment you have with your kids will change your attitude and the speed at which you move through your time. 


Be thankful that they are talking your ear off, be thankful that your child is learning to be independent even if a mess is made. Gratitude is a game-changer and will help your end this school year well. It is also contagious so there is that. 

Give Those Teachers a High Five (and ALLLLL of the coffee)

Need I say more???

Get Ready to Have an Amazing Summer

Summer is going to be awesome!  It also might be a hot mess sometimes but if you are keeping your eyes on Jesus and focusing on what really matters then you are going to have a wonderful, intentional summer with your kids. 


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