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Love a good book and a great conversation? Join other women for a Summer Book Club and get both!  

Studies start this June, 2023. We cannot wait to kick off!

Check out some of the options we will have this Summer. Registration open!

Doing Life with your adult children by Jim burns


In this text, Burns explores how to navigate the challenging season of parenting that comes after your child turns eighteen. Maybe your relationship is complicated, they live at home, they are rarely in touch, or you want to bring them back to the faith. Whatever your situation, if you have adult children, there are practical answers to your questions in this text.

Starts: June 6th at 10am 
Leader: Shari Vickery

Women of the Word by Jen wilkin

TUESDAYS | 12-1pm

Wilkin explores the question, “How can we, as Christian women, keep our focus and sustain our passion when reading the Bible?” We will learn how to study the Bible with both our heart and our mind.

Starts: June 6th at 12pm 
Leaders: Teresa Ator & Karen McDonald

This book club is now full. 

Sacred Marriage by gary thomas


Thomas explores the question, “What if God designed marriage to make us Holy more than to make us happy?” Amongst other things, you will explore how God uses your relationship with your spouse as discipline and motivation to love God more.

Starts: June 6th at 7pm 
Leader: Megan Taylor

Homiletics of Mark


Want to study scripture in a deeper way but not sure how to do it on your own? “Homiletics” is a study tool that breaks chunks of scripture into bite size pieces, allows you to filter and see what’s truly written, and then apply it to our lives. Join us as we look deeply into the book of Mark together and share insights we glean along the way!

Starts: June 6th at 7pm 
Leaders: Adrianne Miller, Laura Velten & Alaina Head

Devotional Classics by Richard Foster 


We will survey fifty-two selections which introduce us to the great writers in six devotional traditions:  the prayer-filled life, the virtuous life, the Spirit-empowered life, the compassionate life, the Word-centered life, and the sacramental life. Participants will be reporting on different selections.

Starts: June 7th at 9am 
Leaders: Karla Foreman & Heather Bock

The Great sex rescue by Sheila Wray Gregoire


In this text, Gregoire explores a Biblical view of sex so Christians can experience the intimacy and wholeness that God intended in His design. Based on a survey of over twenty thousand women, this book will expose problematic teaching and point believers to what they should have been told all along.

Starts: June 7th at 6:30pm 
Leaders: Eloise Ghrist & Bethany Taylor

The Sacred Romance by John Eldredge and Brent Curtis


In this text, Eldredge and Curtis explore the greatest love of our lives: Our faith. This book is a journey of intimacy, adventure, and beauty through multiple facets of your life and will help you draw closer to the heart of God.

Starts: June 14th at 7pm 
Leaders: Holli & Summer Tennison 

Strong like water by Aundi Kolber


In this text, Kolber explores how true strength is like a tide: soft and bold, fierce and gentle, moving together as one powerful force. The text teaches how to move through pain, how to support yourself in challenging circumstances, and how to internalize connection, love, and safety.

Starts: June 8th at 7pm 
Leader: Erin Kerry & Beth Reed

This book club is now full.  

Questions? Contact Mackenzie Fernandes,

Book clubs

lindale campus.


Check out some of the options we will have this Summer. Registration open!

AFRAID OF ALL THINGS by Scarlet Hiltibidal


What does the gospel say about being afraid? The author retells her personal journey of many fears (some humorous, some serious) and how her life changed when she realized Jesus came to rescue, love, and cast out our fears. This group is open to ages 16 and up.

Starts: June 5th at 7pm 
Leader: April Watters & Katie Rapp

How to study the Bible | Book of luke

MONDAYS | 6:30pm

Join this welcoming group of women, as they study the Word together, verse-by-verse, following the sermon series at Grace. Through guided bible study methods you will answer these questions: What does the Word say? What does this mean? And, how then shall I live?

Starts: June 5th at 6:30pm (join anytime)
Leader: Keisha Yarbrough & Sarah Ellison

Grace K!DS Community: Available (infant thru 4th grade)


by Beth Moore

TUESDAYS | 6:30pm

Nothing in our lives is wasted. In this discussion of John Chapter 15, the author gives us hope that God uses everything– our joys, trials, and even mundane moments – to build His Kingdom and lead us to an abundant life.

Starts: June 6th at 6:30pm 
Leader: Mitzi Patton & Barb Roberson

How to study the Bible | Psalms

TUESDAYS | 6:30pm

Join this welcoming group of women, as they study the Word together in selected Psalms. Through guided bible study methods you will answer these questions: What does the Word say? What does this mean? And, how then shall I live?

Starts: June 13th at 6:30pm
Leader: Shirley Owen & Nikki Aldum




The heart cannot love what the mind does not know. Our love for the Lord will grow when we approach His Word rightly. The author identifies common pitfalls to most bible study and gives a clear path to studying, knowing, and loving Him more.

Starts: June 21st at 10am 
Leader: Cheryl Shipley & Chris Wilson


THURSDAYS | 6:30pm

Our worldview matters. The author invites us to weigh sayings like “live your truth” and “make your dreams a reality” in light of God’s Word – helping us turn from anxiety, exhaustion, and self-obsession – to a life of freedom and hope in the Lord.

Starts: June 1st at 6:30pm 
Leader: Julie Steck & Tracey Galloway

This book club is now full. 

Questions? Contact Debra Kirby for Lindale Campus,

Club del libro

Grace Español.


La Oración Ferviente 

por Priscilla Shirer

MIÉRCOLES | 6:30pm

Cada capítulo expone las intenciones crueles y astutas del enemigo en todo tipo de areas, pero tambien te equipa y anima a escribir tus propias estrategias de oracion, en papel sencillo y desprendible que luego usaras para orar por ti y tu familia.

Comienza: Junio 7 a las 6:30pm 
Líder: Sandra Nieves