let’s fast together.

From noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday, ask God to move in your heart and to help you be prepared for the week we’ll experience together.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Message from Doug

Happy 2023! In just a few days, we’re going to head off to our annual Team Week, and we are so excited about our time together! Team Week is an awesome time for all of us to bond, dream, and plan out the next year, so thank you for prioritizing this time together. Let’s go team!


on the bus ride

let’s be intentional

As we make our way to OKC, we have a couple of things we’d like you to listen to to help you prepare for our trip. They are included in the Spotify playlist. We’ll give you more details as we hit the road!


listen to prepare your heart

Think back to where you were in April 1995. What were the popular songs, movies, or TV shows? Who was President? What kind of national or international political unrest was occurring? Enter into this curated playlist to remember back to a different time and place as we prepare for team week 2023.

Spiritual Growth Resources for 2023


To prepare for Team Week, take some time to read this chapter from Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster.



Below you’ll find the basic itinerary and some important details for Team Week so you’ll know where to be, what to bring, and what to wear!

team week photos

Let’s take some photos to capture our time together as a team!