Jan 5, 2024

Summer Camp Blog Roundup

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by Katie Rapp

Summer is basically here and you know what that means SUMMER CAMP!!! Going to a Christian summer camp is an amazing time for your child to be poured into by other believers, have fun, make new friends, grow in independence, and explore their own faith. 


Below you will find three of our favorite blog posts to help you prepare your child and yourself for summer camp. 

The Importance of Summer Camp

This post was written by a mom who loves sending her children to summer camp. She talks about why she loves it, why her kids love it, and why it is important.  


If you are on the fence about sending your kids to summer camp, this post can help you decide. 

How to Prepare Your Child For Overnight Camp

Overnight camp is an amazing experience for both kids and parents. However, it is important to make sure your child is not only ready but that they are also prepared for how different it is. 


This post was written by a former staff member at Sky Ranch Camps and she outlines how to tell if your child is ready and how to prepare for this amazing experience. 

How to Talk to Our Kids About Differences

While this post may not be the obvious “summer camp” post, we believe that it is an important post to include in this roundup. When your child goes to summer camp, whether it is faith-based or not, there will be kids there that have differences. 


This post shares some great tips for talking to your kids about differences and how they should treat everyone. Practical tips from a mom with children who sport their differences bravely, this post is a great resource any time of the year. 


Are you looking for a community or someone to grab coffee with who is in a similar life season? We’d love to connect with you and get to know you better! Below you will find a few people that can’t wait to meet you, shoot us an email so we can make a plan!

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