Solace & Grace Community Church

Solace Counseling and Anxiety Center is an experienced group of therapists who provide compassionate and therapeutic care for their clients. They understand that care must be rooted in expertise, which is why their therapists have extensive knowledge and training in the areas that matter.  They are a collaborative collective of friends and therapists who are here in your time of need.  Grace Community Church is partnering with Solace Counseling and Anxiety Center to bring a podcast series for you.

Millie Tanner and Ashlee Coleman – Discipline

Licensed Professional Counselor, discusses discipline from the perspective of connection instead of just focusing on correction.  This conversation helps us understand the importance of discipline and how it creates opportunities for growth in us and our children.
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Millie and Zach – Changes

Millie and Zach discuss how to navigate changes in our life even when those changes feel scary and we want to avoid them.  They discuss how unhealthy beliefs can factor into how we think and feel about change as well as the grief that often comes with change.
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Millie and Amy – Grief

Amy Drake shares with Millie her journey with grief and gives hope to those who have experienced loss in their life.  She describes how she struggled after the unexpected death of her beloved mother and how she came to a place of gratitude to God in the midst of her suffering.

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Millie and Tim – Generosity

Tim Connor discussed how generosity has changed his outlook on life.  He tells the story of his own generosity journey that led him to better physical health and a deeper faith in God.

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Millie and Shari Wilson – Raising Confident Girls

Shari Wilson uses her life experience as a mom of six children and life coach to discuss raising confident girls in today’s culture.  She helps us understand how to help our girls turn toward the Lord for their identity and be grounded in their faith as they navigate all the challenges of today’s world.

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Millie and Ashlee Coleman – Pursuing a Life of Rest

Ashlee Coleman, Licensed Therapist, shares how she describes self care to clients.  She gives practical ways to begin restructuring our lives in order to give generously of ourselves to others.

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Millie and Allison Cooper – Anxiety

Millie and Allison Cooper, LPC Today’s topic is all about anxiety. We look at anxiety from a clinical perspective. Allison discusses the challenges of living with anxiety, what anxiety is, and how we can learn to live a full life even when we struggle with the physical, emotional and cognitive effects of anxiety.

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Millie and Kirk Hudson – The Church and Mental Health

Millie and Kirk Hudson The Church and Mental Health Enjoy a great discussion with Kirk Hudson as he and Millie talk about how the church is a vital part of helping with the mental illness challenges of today. Kirk describes his own views of how to meet people’s needs with compassion and love that only comes through Christ.