Jan 4, 2024

Preparing for a New School Year

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by Katie Rapp

It feels like summer just started but by the time this publishes we will be less than one month away from the start of a new school year. Which is just crazy, I know. I mean I will have a senior, a junior high student, a 5th grader, a kindergarten, and a preschooler so the beginning of this year is going to be a blur at best. 

I am seeing carts full of paper, notebooks, pencils, and erasers. Also, A LOT of hand sanitizer. And while school supplies are essential to the beginning of a new school year, there is more that we can do to prepare for a new school year on a heart level.

Transitioning to a new school year can be hard for kids. New teachers, a new routine, and the carefree days of summer are gone and are replaced by responsibilities, tests, math, and social pressures. 

So here are a few tips to help get this year off on the right foot. 

Pray Over the School Year

If you have read any of our previous blog posts then you have seen us talk about praying a lot. We encourage this to be the first thing you do in any aspect of your life. I mean it is the most you can do, not the least that you can do. And we truly believe that. 

God tells us in his word that we should cast all of our cares on him because he cares for us. And as a mother, the school year is stressful for me and I tend to worry about the daily stresses of life for my kids. I’m not there in the school with them so I don’t know everything. I don’t know when they have been misunderstood, bullied, hurt, or sad. 

I don’t know when a test didn’t go well or when they felt insecure. I can’t be there. But God can and is. That is why praying for the school year, our kids, and their teachers is so important. Because the creator of the universe is there. The one who created our kids and loves them far more than we ever could is there. 

He sees he knows, he can give peace when things are stressful and we aren’t there to take their hands. 

So pray, parents. Pray for the school year. Pray that your child will know what to do when things are hard or a friend is mean. Pray that they will know their worth doesn’t come from a grade or what chair they make in the band. Pray that they know their worth comes from who God says they are. 

Be Present

Being present is one of the best ways to not stress out. Most of the time our anxiety is caused by over-estimating the threat and underestimating our ability to deal with it. Typically a situation isn’t as bad as it seems if we will just be present where we are. 

Even if the situation is stressful or not awesome you can accept that, make room for it, take it to the Lord, and keep moving forward. The beginning of a new school year is such a big transition for all involved. I said it earlier and I’m saying it now because it really is a big deal. 

Knowing how to transition well starts with being present where you are. And our kids can’t transition well if we don’t transition well. They are watching everything we do whether we realize it or not. And transitioning isn’t exempt. They don’t just not notice how we handle change. 

Clean Out Old Clothes and Supplies

I love to start fresh with a new school year. It helps me stay mentally prepared and honestly to feel like I have some control over what is happening. I may just be fooling myself but it works for me so I’m going to keep doing it. 

Before school starts, I go through old clothes, shoes, and supplies so we have a clean space and actually know what we have. I don’t like wasting money and I bet you don’t either. Cleaning out and knowing what is still usable or what still fits prevents that. 

Plus, I get the kids involved so it doesn’t take long. I just plan a day and that is what we do. A deep clean and a cleanout. 

Buy School Supplies

I mean this is my favorite time of the year. I LOVE buying school supplies and always have. I dance through the aisles and just really enjoy this. So get out there and buy some school supplies. Send your little cherubs back to school with fresh pens, markers, and notebooks. Set them up for success by filling their backpacks with office supplies awesomeness. 

Even if you do none of these things (which we hope you do) the school year will come and go just like the last one. We challenge you to be intentional with your preparations for both you and your kids as this new school year approaches. 

Send us an email so we can set up a coffee break with you! We want to get to know you and learn how we can come alongside of you in your current season of life.

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