May 3, 2023

Our 4 Favorite Teacher Gift Ideas

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by Katie Rapp

Just like that, another school year is coming to an end! I knew teachers were amazing, but after the hurdles, they have had to jump through the past couple of years, my appreciation for them has grown exponentially. They are loving and molding our kids day in and day out and deserve our biggest “thank yous”.

So what do you give someone who is pouring into your child and unlocking their potential? I have surveyed different moms and teachers and here is what they had to say:

School supplies (bonus points if they are FUN!)

Teachers spend so much out of pocket to make their classrooms their own. Expo markers, colorful pens, notepads, personalized pens, and pencils are all fun ideas.

Consumable items

Your favorite soap, lotion, candle, or sweet and savory treats!

Well Thought-Out Gift Baskets

This is a gift that can be genuine AND practical. Add in some nice treats and trinkets with some things teachers will use and a gift card to a restaurant, Amazon, or Target!

Personalized totes

Teachers are constantly bringing items and paperwork home and back to school, so a sturdy tote with their name on it to carry everything in would be a great idea!

Regardless of what the gift is, a note with kind words sharing how much you value your kids’ teachers will make them feel loved and appreciated. Happy gifting!

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