Lies we believe
Jan 11, 2024

Lies We Believe

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by Katie Rapp


Lies. It seems like it all started with a lie, doesn’t it? That’s really because it did. The serpent told the first lie. He twisted information, the bite was taken, and the world was now broken and full of sin. 


Lies. They just stay around. The same old lies.  None of them are new and all of them attack us where we are weak and raw so we believe them.  At least for a little bit.  Sometimes it is easier than others to identify the lies we are believing and replace them with the truth but other times it takes longer. Sometimes we feel like we are sinking and won’t ever be able to resurface.


Once lies are identified and the truth is exchanged everything changes. The fog clears and we can cling to the truth of who Christ is and what he did for us. We can hold on to what God says about us and who he says we are. 


Let me be the first of us to say that I am a believer of lies far too often.  There is a certain set of lies that creep up and root inside of me that I will share with you and the truth that takes the power away from the lie. 


Maybe you can identify with these lies and maybe you have your own set of lies. Either way, this is your call to identify your lies and replace them with the truth. 

No One Likes Me

Here is a nice little throwback from middle school that pops up every now and then even though I am closer to 40 than I would like to admit. This insecurity and flat-out lie is a way to alienate us from the community and friendships we need as believers. And it just isn’t true. 


First of all, God loves you and thinks you are a MASTERPIECE (Ephesians 2:10) and in fact, he loved you so much that while you were still a sinner he sent Jesus to die for you(Romans 5:8) So let’s lay this lie to rest and leave it in the 1900s shall we??? (If you were born in the 2000s then adjust the reference accordingly)

Everyone Would Be Better off Without Me

This is one I battle pretty often. There have been some pretty dark times in my life (more than I would like to admit, to be honest) and this familiar soundtrack pops up every time. 


“No one needs you. They would be so much better off without you. You are messing everything up and your kids will be damaged because of you. Why don’t you just leave.” 


First of all, when we are in the darkness it is hard to see past these lies. They feel big and real and overwhelming. The desire to give up and walk away looms heavy in the air during these times. 


But what we need to remember is that we aren’t powerful enough to mess up God’s plans. That fear, lies, insecurity, and doubt DON’T come from the Lord. They come from the enemy and the enemy will do whatever it takes to get you to believe this lie. 


Remember this. You are right where you are supposed to be. You are the parent your child or children need.  You are valuable. You are important to God and to those around you, even on your worst days. 


Those around you love you and would be heartbroken if you left. Keep the truth of what God says hidden in your heart so that when those dark times come you can fight the lies with the truth. 

I’m Not Valuable

Stop. This is so far from true that it is hard to believe that we fall for it so often. Some of you have endured trauma and neglect and pain to the point of feeling like you are nothing. But God says you are worth everything. Jesus says you are worth the pain of death on a cross and defeating death. 


Your value is far above rubies, gold, or one million cups of the most expensive drink at Starbucks. Think about the most expensive, valuable thing you know of.  Do you have it? Great.  You are MORE VALUABLE than that thing is. Hands down. On your terrible, no good, very bad day you are more valuable than anything. Don’t forget it. But when you do forget, dive into God’s word and read about what Jesus did for you and how much he loves you. 

Nothing I Do Is Right

We all mess up. Definitely.  But none of us mess up all of the time. Do you love well? Do you take care of your kids or your neighbor? Did you go through this month without a speeding ticket or an accident? Do you know that if you are in Christ you claim your righteousness through him (Phil 3:9)? 


You don’t have to bear the burden of perfection or doing everything right all of the time. Which is great news because we can’t do it. That is why Jesus had to come. When your confidence is in Christ then you don’t have to worry.  There is nothing you can do to earn what Jesus did. What was done was based on who God is, not what you did.  So when you don’t do something right, praise God for redemption and second chances in his Son. 

There is Nothing Special About Me

You are made in the image of God. That makes you special. Every part of you was planned and woven together with care.  There is nothing that I am exceptionally good at so this lie is pretty easy for me to believe. I’m not a great athlete, public speaker, or musician.  I don’t tell the best jokes or paint. I’m just pretty normal, but it isn’t what I do or don’t do that makes me special, it is who I am in Christ that makes me special. It is the truth of who my creator is and how I am made perfectly to image him. We are all special with things that are unique whether we see them or not.


We all believe lies at one time or another so don’t beat yourself up if you are currently believing any or all of these lies. Turn to God for the truth. Ask him to reveal the truth to you and to show you who you are in him. We all need reminders.