Aug 19, 2021

How to Teach Our Kids Contentment

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Teaching our children to be content can often feel like a massive mountain that we will never conquer.  I’m a 39-year-old wife and mother and this is still a struggle for me so of course, our children will/are struggling with the concept of contentment. Every day brings a slew of new wants, new desires, and the need for new excitement. They want, they get, they’re excited, the excitement fades and the want reappears, rinse and repeat. Here are some ways to start leading our kiddos and modeling what being content looks like. 

Be the example. 

Show thankfulness and gratitude for what and how God has provided. Be aware of your own behaviors…remember we may not throw toddler-like tantrums to get what we want (or maybe we do) but we can act just as childish. Whether you realize it or not, your children are watching you and following your example.


Remind them where their identity lies. 

Our identity is rooted in Him. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister but those are just my roles…my identity is a daughter of the One True King. Teaching them this at an early age can instill the truth and lay the foundation that their value doesn’t come from what they have, want, achieve, etc. It can only come from Him.


Practice thankfulness with them. 

Whether it’s at the dinner table or throughout the day, be intentional about thanking God for everything He has provided. 


Teach them to have a serving heart. 

Whether it is volunteering at a food bank, baking cookies for a nursing home, or serving at their church, whatever it is being able to serve someone else helps open their eyes and look beyond themselves will go a long way when it comes to contentment.


Teach them the value of money and who it belongs to.

They need to learn what things cost and that money doesn’t grow on trees but they also need to learn the lesson of being responsible and trustworthy with HIS money. Money is another tool that we can use to bless others for His glory. 


Don’t let them have everything they want.

Saying no doesn’t make you a bad, mean, or uncool parent. It is often the most loving action you can show. Instead of giving in to your or their earthly desires, you’re setting them up for the future and what is important in the long run when it comes to teaching contentment.

Pray With Them

Last but definitely not least, pray with them. Show them that you can always go to Him and rely on Him for true fulfillment that only He can provide. 

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