• Original Old Jacksonville Campus
  • Original Old Jacksonville Campus
History of Grace

Grace Community Church was born out of the desire of a few families to passionately learn and apply the Bible to everyday life. A staircase in the home of Bill and Rickey Fisher served as pews for children on Sunday mornings in 1964, the year Evangelical Methodist Church of Tyler (now Grace Community) was formed.

As time passed Grace moved from a home to the YMCA and eventually to what is now our Old Jacksonville Campus.

In 1973 the church began a christian school, which was dedicated to expanding the kingdom of God through educating and equipping children. One year later, the Evangelical Methodist Church officially changed its name to Grace Community of Tyler. And by 1984, the large Auditorium on Old Jacksonville Road was completed.

In 2001, Grace pursued a multi-site model that led to campus meeting at Grace Community High school on University Blvd.

In 2004, There was a realization that numerous people were attending our Old Jacksonville campus that lived north of I-20.  Eleven small groups met north of I-20 and so we began to have discussions and those groups formed the nucleus of what has now become our Lindale campus. For quite some time they met in the E.J. Moss auditorium before moving into the current funeral home. We began construction spring 2008 on a new campus for Lindale.

Seeing a growing need to meet the needs of a gospel centered church in the Spanish language, Grace began making preparations in 2013 to launch a 4th campus.  In January of 2015, Grace Community  launched Grace Español.


Establishment of Evangelical Methodist Church (now Grace Community Church) in the home of Bill and Rickey Fisher.


Church growth was on the rise and moved into the YMCA until the construction of the first building on Old Jacksonville was complete.


Grace Community School was formed.


The Evangelical Methodist Church officially changed its name to Grace Community Church of Tyler.


The large Auditorium was completed.


A nursery and youth building was added.


Grace launches the University Blvd Campus.


Grace launches the Lindale Campus.


Lindale Campus construction complete


New Chapel designed to facilitate life events such as weddings and funerals completed at the Old Jacksonville Campus.


Grace Community launches Grace Español in order to meet the growing needs of a Spanish speaking gospel centered congregation.