Oct 12, 2023

5 Storybook Bibles and Illustrated Devotionals We LOVE!

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by Katie Rapp

I rallied some of my mom friends and asked them what Bible and devotionals they are using and loving right now. I have compiled a list of the favorites to share with you. There are so many good ones out there and if your current favorite didn’t make the list, I’m sure it is still awesome. And we definitely want to know about so tell us what you are loving in the comments!

The most important part of any storybook bible or devotional is that it makes Jesus the main thing and your kids are digging it. If that is true, carry on.

The following are generally for elementary-aged kids.

Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones, Illustrations by Jago

This beautifully illustrated Bible tells God’s story and lets kids know that the most wonderful thing about His story is that it is their story too.

The Bible App for Kids – YouVersion

It’s a free app that will download on your phone, kindle, or tablet. It’s been downloaded 14 million times!!


Jesus Calling by Sally Young

365 devotionals that draw little hearts to Jesus as they learn about Jesus’ character and how they can live like him.


Indescribable by Louie Giglio, Illustrated by Nicola Anderson

My sweet friend says her elementary-aged girls love this one because they love science. It’s filled with great facts but puts the creator at the center of all His cool amazing creations.

Foundations by Ruth Chou Simons

This book is so beautifully illustrated by the author. She and her husband are raising six sons on a firm foundation of God’s word as they daily look at the truth and His foundations. This book also has some great help and encouragement for implementing family worship into your daily rhythm.

For our preschool friends we like:

I AM by Diane Stortz, illustrated by Diane Le Feyer and JESUS by Devon Provencher

These are board books that teach big theology and big words for little people. My sweet friend says to set the table with lots of food. The goal is to give them more bites at the table…the more they grow and we talk about it, the more they understand and grow and eat.







Leading Little Ones to God by Marian Schoolland, Illustrations by Paul Stoub

This devotional is a little old school, but what’s wrong with that?! It gives a framework of walking through scripture, singing a hymn, and answering questions. Give it a try!

I love that you are interested in family devotionals, children’s Bibles, and looking for resources to lead your precious children to Jesus Christ. I pray that as you seek him together you will find him together and grow in faith and your love and devotional of Him.

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