The Importance of Fatherhood II
The Importance of Fatherhood II
Testimony of Edward Fariña

“Tú eres el sacerdote de tu familia”

God calls men to action, not just outside of the home but inside, and gives them tremendous responsibility to shepherd their families. A life-changing encounter at the Marriage Encounter Conference opened Edward’s eyes to the role he ought to play as the leader of his home as he felt God call him to action to lead his family well. Here is Edward’s story about how he became more aware of his God-given role as father and husband.

En esto emocionante testimonio, Edward nos cuenta de cómo él tomó la responsabilidad de guiar en el Evangelio a su familia. No lo hizo desde el comienzo y le costó aprender que debía hacerlo, pero gracias a Dios lo hizo y hoy tiene una vida y un matrimonio muy saludable.


Edward Farina – Testimony – English subtitled – Grace Español from GraceTV on Vimeo.