Clyde Powell
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Clyde Powell

There’s nothing better than a good story. Personal stories are valuable tools that helps us relate to others -to be able to understand that everyone is connected on some level. Even though we celebrate the Lord’s creativity in making every single person lovingly and intentionally unique, our human connections keep us banded together. all of us experience happiness, sadness, love, humor and even despair at one point or another throughout life. Stories help us celebrate who we are, and remind us that we are never, ever, alone.

GCC is passionate about being and making disciples.  One practical way to live that out is through people who come alongside others and walk with them on their journey with Christ.  Ultimately making disciples that disciple others,  creating a multiplying effect.

Clyde Powell is an excellent example of that kind of living.
Dedicating his life to pouring into young men whose hearts crave his profound yet effortless biblical wisdom, his story both encourages and challenges us.