Vicki Clark

I grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in a home where we attended church on a semi-regular basis and said “grace” at dinner, but I knew very little about the Bible and even less about what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

As a young child, I had trusted Jesus as my savior at a neighborhood Bible club, but never knew there was anything more to that decision. Throughout my high school years I lived a chameleon type lifestyle, trying to make sure I pleased my parents and teachers through good grades, leadership responsibilities and community involvement, but at the same time, partying with friends and doing whatever it took to gain their acceptance as well.
By the time I hit college, I was exhausted from trying to keep up both lifestyles and feeling completely purposeless and unfulfilled. It was at this same time I started to read the Bible and realized just how relevant it was. I discovered ultimately, I had just one person to please – God Himself – and that if I followed Him, I could have the satisfying life for which He created each one of us.

After graduating from Miami University in Oxford, OH, I taught high school for a year, but God was giving me an increasing desire to serve Him vocationally. I joined the staff of a campus ministry for the next two years before marrying my husband, Doug. Together, God gave us a new road to serve Him in church ministry. In 2012, I joined Grace’s staff as the Women’s Ministry Director, however Doug and I have loved partnering together in life and ministry for more than 25 years now. We’ve also loved raising our two children, Micah and Chelsea, and enjoy hanging out with them whenever we can!