Tracey Sullivan

I was born in Tyler and raised in an East Texas Baptist church. I was baptized with my brother at the age of 9, and was active in the youth group and church childrens’ choir.
In my later High School years, I fell distant to Christ (as many youth do) and began to live my life “My Way”. This caused me nothing but pain and defeat.
Eleven years and two daughters later, I was reunited with my high school sweetheart. We soon married. I credit him and his Christ- like disposition for allowing me to hear the subtle knocks on my heart once again. We now have five children (his-hers-and ours).
When our youngest started Kindergarten, I found myself needing to fill my days with other things than housework. I started working for Lindale High School in their Special Education Department. I didn’t know why at that time, but I felt as if the Lord was calling me there. The four years I spent there gave me a deep love for this real-life ministry. It was during this time that my family and I started to attend Grace Community-Lindale. I began to volunteer with JOY Ministries at that point. I now know that it was all part of His plan. After all, He doesn’t call the equipped…He equips the called.