Teresa Ator

I was born and raised in Southern California, my family and I still love to visit! As the oldest of 4 in a single parent home I learned to rely on The Lord for my security at a very early age. In one of the many neighborhoods we lived in, at the age of 5, sat a little church where the 4 of us would go on Sunday mornings. Typically, my mom would drop us off to get a few minutes of quiet time alone (Having 5 kids myself now, I understand completely). It was at that little Methodist church where the hope of Christ filled my heart and I came to know Him as my personal Savior.

In my early teen years, we joined a little church plant in the same town and began a journey of discovering what being the church really looked like. The people in that community of believers surrounded my family and walked us through many trials, joys and hard years of life. Men came alongside us as father figures, women mentored and loved each of us daily and lifetime friendships were formed that impacted our hearts in unbelievable ways. This is one of the reasons God has put such passion and desire in my heart for the church and the family to form a partnership like no other.

I met my husband Randall at Abilene Christian University and we have been married for almost 20 years. God has blessed us with 5 beautiful children and it is never quiet in our home. That is actually just the way I like it! My family enjoys hanging out together outdoors. Whether on the beach or in the mountains, some of our favorites, we are usually laughing and most of the time it’s at each other. Each one of them is a joy with unique gifts and a play a huge role in coming alongside me to serve kids and families at Grace!

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