Shelley Sawyer

I was born and raised in Wharton, TX. Which I thought was “small town living” south of Houston until I moved to Arp, TX after high school. I grew up in a Christian home with three brothers and one sister. We spent our time playing on the riverbank and making forts in the cornfield. My dad worked six days a week but my mom always made sure we were having fun. As I got older, I found myself pleasing everyone but God and my mom decided I needed a change and sent me to live in East Texas with my aunt. I met my husband Rick and knew instantly he was the one for me. He has loved me and our three adopted kids, Olivia, Desiree, and Shawn with an unconditional Christ like love. We spent the first half of our Marriage ignoring God and doing our own thing. After some hard times God pulled us out of our self-created darkness and saved our souls! Rick is now a minister of the Gospel and we enjoy working in the church. I am finishing my master degree in accounting and I am looking forward to becoming a licensed CPA. I absolutely LOVE working with the team at GCC and actually look forward to coming to work each day……well most days that is.