Robby Mayne

I was born and raised in South Louisiana, until I was 10 years old when we moved to Texas. It was in Richardson, TX that God placed some Godly friends in my life and opened up my eyes to a relationship with Jesus Christ. My life was forever changed at the age of 16, and God has continued to work in and through me since that time.

It was during my time at LSU that I truly began to seek after God on my own and to desire to use my life as a service to Him. After my junior year of college, I was hired to work at Pine Cove Camps in Tyler, TX. It was at Pine Cove that I saw God use the camping environment to teach me how to intentionally pursue others. He showed me how I can use any time, place, or situation as a way to serve others, and ultimately Him.

After college, I followed the Lord’s call to work at Pine Cove full-time. I first worked on staff at the high school camp, the Shores, but ultimately ended up at the elementary camp, the Towers, as the director. It was there that God showed me more and more of His love for me and for others. My 11 1/2 years at Pine Cove taught me how to be a man, how to lead a family, and how to use my job for His glory.

When my time at Pine Cove was done, I decided to use my spiritual gift of service to be a Realtor in Tyler, TX, which is my full-time job today. It is an honor to be able to serve people in such a critical time in their lives. In addition, I am able to partner with different local non-profits and give 10% of my earned commissions to help our community.

God has also graciously allowed me to be on part-time staff at Grace Community Church, University Boulevard Campus in 2013. On staff, I get to ensure that our guests and members on Sunday morning are greeted, cared for, and plugged in.

I met my wife, Mallory, at Pine Cove over 7 years ago. However, it took a few years until our paths crossed and God’s timing was right. We married in March of 2015, have been more in love each and every day, are are expecting our first child in May of 2016. She serves as a child therapist at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County.