Mike Cornelison

Born and raised in Tulsa Ok in a Christian family. I fought with God until age 15. I just didn’t think I was “good enough”. Lost that battle when God convinced me I wasn’t “good enough” but that the blood of His son was His stamp of approval. I felt called to the ministry so two years later attended Ozark Christian College. I skipped my Senior year having all my credits in from additional studies. I served as a youth pastor for about 3 years. Four years later I met my wife at our home church in a community group.

Looking back over the years I realized through unique circumstances, employment opportunities and being self employed for 13 years God was preparing me for a different type of ministry, one of service. While volunteering I was asked to join the Grace staff in 1995. It’s been great working along side this team and meeting new folks. My biggest joy is having watched my entire family (wife and four boys as well as daughter in laws) serve on the staff and with the worship team.

We serve a great God who gets all the glory.