Micki Green

I grew up in Wills Point and attended Catholic Church. I moved to Dallas after I graduated from high school – I left home and God. I was finally ‘free’ to do my own thing. For 20 years I didn’t always make the right choices or travel the right paths, but God had other plans for me and by His grace & mercy, I am living for Christ today. I proved to myself that I couldn’t ‘do’ life my way, and in 2003 I began a personal relationship with Him.

While in Dallas I worked as a legal assistant for 20 years, and then became a personal trainer. In 2009 I accepted a job as the Administrative Assistant for Grace Lindale, and moved to Hideaway Lake.

Gary and I have been married for 22 years.
I have 2 hobbies: riding my motorcycle and building birdhouses.