Lacey Garner
I grew up in Houston, right by NASA, and when I was eight years old I was sure that I would either be an astronaut or a pastor’s wife when I grew up. I ended up marrying a guy who works for a summer camp, but I’m still holding out hope to make it into space someday! Ever since I was small, the church has been a foundation and a home for me. My story is one that I pray is true for my kids: I grew up in a home that spoke of Jesus with love and trust, and I chose to love and trust him before I knew of much darkness at all. As I matured, I came to deeper and deeper understanding of the grace we have been given as believers who trust in Jesus and I clung to the truth of his Word as I began to see and experience the brokenness of our world.
I am thrilled to be a part of the team at Grace in a role that allows me to meet and connect with so many different people. It makes my heart beat faster when I get to connect others to experiences and people that will deepen their faith and remind them of the Gospel in everyday life- and I get to do that every Sunday by helping the people at Grace find their next step.
Most likely you will find me in the kitchen at my house either cutting up yet another hotdog for my son or testing out a recipe for my newest cookbook. I love eating good food and gathering people together at my table to share something delicious!