Kyle Smith

My story could be simply told like this: I came to the end of myself to discover my desperate need for a Savior and God’s unending grace. God allowed me to pursue and live out a lot of my dreams only to find, apart from Him, they were empty.
A broader view includes growing up in East Texas in a loving, healthy, encouraging Christian family. My parents modeled love and self-sacrifice for my sister and me. I personally accepted Jesus as my Savior while reading a devotional book my mom gave me in junior high. So, hang in there parents!

Music received most of my attention and energy in high school. If there was a guitar, I was behind it. My studies took me to Boston, where I met my best friend Kristy, and we both graduated from Berklee College of Music. I then lived and worked as a musician in New York City for a couple of years. All along, regardless of my wandering and bad choices, God was faithful and pursued me. Kristy and I ended up in San Antonio, where we worked in ministry and my best friend became my wife. God blessed us with our son, Wyatt, and soon after, we moved to Lindale to join the Grace family. God gave us the sweet gift of our daughter, Mae, and we love the adventure of parenting.

I still enjoy all things music, as well as exercising. More than that, I can’t get enough of my family and love having fun with them.