Keziah Sanchez

I have always wanted to be involved in ministry somehow someway but didn’t know how to mix my passion for art and church. My first love and vocation was fine art drawing but I discovered pretty quickly that you can’t make a living off of that! Believing that God’s plan is greater than my own, I ventured out and studied Graphic Design in Dallas, where I earned my BFA in Visual Communications. My work was featured at the Creative Summit in San Marcos, the National Student Show 11 & 12 in Dallas, the magazine Creative Quarterly issue no. 43, the Graphis New Talent Annual, as well as the “One Show” in New York, all while being a student at TAMU-C. Post graduation, I was able to travel to China and have my work exhibited in Tianjin. Upon my return from China, I was the official designer of the Festival de Cine Latino Americano Film Festival. When that project concluded, I started to look for my next adventure with the desire to be in ministry. I found out about Grace shortly after and did not hesitate at taking the opportunity.