Kameron Stanley

Since I was young I have never called a specific location home for more than a few years. I was born in Bay City, Texas and since then I have lived in over 20 different homes and 10 different cites. I grew up in a low faith, in and out of church family. My dad divorced my mom at the age of two and has married two separate times after to two different women and divorced them both. When I was a freshmen in college he then told me he was a homosexual, which was very hard for me. Luckily even through that we still have such a strong relationship and a deep love for each other. My mom has never been consistently apart of my life. I would go sometimes up to four years without seeing her as she was in prison for a majority of my childhood. I also have three siblings who I love very much. Even though life at times was hard, through the roughness of my family we always have had a lot of love for each other.

Growing up I was an attention seeker and a people pleaser. I always wanted to impress my friends and do whatever the crowd was doing. Friends were my family. Because of that I found myself getting into a bunch of trouble. At a young age that looked like getting sent out in the hallway or into the principles office for goofing off. At an older age that looked like going to alternative school for eight weeks. I claimed to be a christian my whole life, I walked the aisle and said the lords prayer at the age of 10, but I never truly knew the gospel or who Jesus was. As I graduated from High School I lived a typical (party scene) college student life of seeking happiness from all the wrong places. During my freshmen year when my family/personal life took a turn for the worst I saw a light in a group of people who lived their life for Jesus.
As I started to go to church by myself, sitting in the back of a building with random people I didn’t know, I was just so eager to know more about who God was and what he wanted with me. I ended up going to Grace UB and loving it decided to make it my church home. The mission of the church at the time was to pour out into the next generation and send them out, and that’s what the church did for me. I finally understood my dependency for Jesus and when I finally grasped onto Him my life made a complete 180 turn. I became heavily involved in college ministry and worked with Sky Ranch for 3 years. I became passionate in disciple making and sharing my good news with my friends. The body of believers in my life have pointed me towards the truth leading me to a complete surrendered life to the one true king, full of confession, repentance and renewal.
God has done amazing things in my life, I have found a calling with youth, teaching them through the stages of life that I had so badly struggled with as well. Helping and desiring them to understand the goodness of the love that God has for us. And to grasp onto his grace and mercy, as I did when it finally became clear to me.