Jon Jenz

I grew up in the town of Glenview, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. We were a family of five…Mom, Dad, and two younger sisters, Jodie and Julie. I went to public schools and was always involved in sports and some form of music. I did my undergrad degree in Music Ed. at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and my graduate work at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI.

When I was in college, I made some pretty poor decisions. I guess I was your typical college freshman. Eventually, I was invited to attend a campus church with a friend. The pastor was young and very honest. He pulled out the Bible and started talking about Jesus as if He was his best friend. A few days later, the pastor asked me to lunch and told me how Jesus had transformed him. He went from being a person that destroys life to one that gives life. This resonated with me. It didn’t take much longer for me to realize I wanted to know Jesus and experience this kind of transformation. And I have!

I began leading worship while getting a DMA in music at Michigan State. My wife, Laura, and I experienced a calling out of academia and into full-time ministry. We were part of a church plant, Sycamore Creek Church, where we spent 7 great years. Laura had been a counselor at Pinecove back in 1997-98, and when she went to visit her Pinecove friends in 2006, they told her about Grace and suggested that we might be a good fit to help lead here. Weeks later I accepted a job here in as Pastor of Worship Arts and have not looked back since. We love Grace.

We currently live out near Pinecove and have 5 awesome kids: Luke, Maggie, Sam, Josie, and Eli.