John Jackson

I grew up in Kansas and N.W. Arkansas. I attended church as a child and volunteered in every position possible One Sunday I played the piano with one finger for the church service. Looking back they must have been very desperate! Thank goodness it was a small church!

In college I had great leaders that lead me into a deeper relationship with Christ. I received a BA Degree in Speech Communication from the University of Arkansas.

After I graduated I moved to Dallas where I worked as an assistant manager of a drugstore that was near SMU. I met my wife Marian at that store where she was working as a pharmacist. We have been married for 36 years and have three grown children.

Even though I thought about attending seminary after I graduated from college, God had different plans. Now I have come full circle from volunteering in the children’s ministry as a member of Grace to Directing the Early Education Center. I have learned that you can minister to people in many ways and God uses you in His timing. I enjoy my position with Grace, get to minister to adults and children and receive daily hugs from the kids. Who could ask for more?