Jacob Frazier

I was born in Pensacola, Florida, moved to Texas when I was little, and immediately my family started attending here at Grace Community Church! Raised in a Christian, homeschooled home, I had a lot of opportunities to make good choices. That didn’t always happen. After deeply seeking out the approval of the people around me and those people letting me down in the affirmation I expected from them, I realized that my focus and attention was on the wrong thing: me.

After experiencing some amazing, life changing moments in High School, I began to understand the importance of the way I lived and that life being for Christ. I have since become very passionate about the local church and I’m thankful to serve on staff at the church I was raised in. I was an Intern with the Student Ministry for a couple of years, and now have moved on to the role of Media Coordinator. 

My ministry focus is on Junior High Boys and I have learned more than I ever expected to about Christ, people, grace, and patience. Working with students in a very developmental stage has in turn developed me and my own personal faith in such huge ways that I often wonder who is really teaching who.

Currently attending college at Tyler Junior College and University of Texas, Tyler. My major is Speech Communications and I hope to continue to hone my skills to better communicate and relate to people as I try to mutually grow towards Christ with those that I live life with.