Emily Fox

I grew up in Tyler in a Christian family, which I am very thankful for. We were members Grace for most of my life, and my siblings and I also attended Grace Community School. I technically became a believer at the age of four in my bedroom at home, but it was not until later in life that I fully understood what life with Christ actually looked like.

God used many struggles with fear and anxiety to push me further in understanding my need for Him. At the end of high school, my sister left the states for missions and God brought my mom through a potentially serious illness. Both of these stressful and fear-filled situations along with being thrust into a new season of life in college played a huge part in maturing and solidifying my faith and trust in Christ.

Being involved with GSM as a high school student also had a huge impact on my life, and since I chose to attend the University of Texas at Tyler I was able to work as an intern with GSM for two years. Those two years grew me and stretched me in so many ways and also showed me how much I love spending time with and pouring into junior high girls. Also, while I was an intern, I met my husband, Kendall Fox who was serving as a volunteer with GSM at the time. In the spring of 2015 I graduated from UT Tyler with a degree in Spanish and finally got to marry my husband, Kendall. I currently work part time with GSM as the Junior High Coordinator, and am enjoying the time I get to spend teaching, encouraging, and pouring into junior high girls.