Dakota Zook
Growing up in East Tennessee meant growing up in an over-churched under-gospel context. I certainly learned about the Lord, but it was without flavor. There was an absence of Jesus in what I was seeing and hearing all the time. Yet, in the middle of that setting Christ broke in and sent a guy into my life named Bob who discipled me throughout my final two years of high-school. It was through my relationship with Bob that I encountered Christ and was changed by his grace.
Moving away from East Tennessee found me in the mountain south region of Virginia at Liberty University. It was during this time that I was surrounded by a community of people who pursued Christ and enjoyed him. In this setting I began to see certain gifts and passions of mine come to light and I began to pursue some Biblical training for ministry. Getting to spend a couple of years walking with, teaching, and getting to know college students in Lynchburg left me with a passion to invest in them.
With that focus and passion, Christ brought my beautiful wife Lauren and I to Tyler, Tx. We came on board with Grace Community Church in September and have the privilege of walking with the students of Tyler Junior College, Texas College, and the University of Texas at Tyler. Lauren and I were married in 2012 and we are expecting our first baby girl in April 2016.