Cassie Holbert

I grew up in a small community is South Mississippi. Growing up in the south, everyone “knew” about God, but, for me, it was rare that I saw someone truly loving God with their actions instead of the things of this world. Therefore, I did not want anything to do with Christianity. In 2011, I see, now, that the Lord began to woo my heart and draw me to Him. He opened my eyes to His love and grace, and I could see my heart beginning to want more of Him. At the age of 18, I gave my life fully to the Lord and committed to following Him all the days of my life.

Before working here at Grace, I worked at Pine Cove Christian camps here in Tyler until 2017. In 2017, I moved to Knoxville, TN to work for a church with High School Students. In November of 2019, I felt the Lord calling me back to Tyler, and shortly after that I began working here at Grace.
I love anything that involves watching or playing a sport. I am an avid Alabama fan. ROLL TIDE. I enjoy making other people laugh; especially by pranking them. Watch out. I like to read, write, and teach the Bible, and I am pretty sure 70% of my body is made of Buffalo Wild Wings.