Bethanie Taylor

I grew up in a small town a few hours north of Tyler called Sanger, Texas.  I didn’t grow up in a home that went to church.  My main focus from a very young age until 6th grade was gymnastics.  I loved being in the gym. It was where I had a family that loved me and cheered me on.  In my home everyone did their own thing and conversations were very surface.  I asked my mom once why we didn’t go to church, and her response to me was “I don’t have to go to church to go to heaven”.  That wasn’t a good answer for me.  I had friends that went to church every Sunday and had several Christian families that influenced and poured into me. Starting in 7th grade I began staying with one of my best friends almost every Saturday night just so I could go to church with her on Sundays.  When I wasn’t with my friend I was sneaking out of my house and attending church across the street. I knew I wanted more of what I was experiencing at church. I didn’t know what it meant to live for Jesus or to be saved but I had a longing in my heart for the peace I had while at church.  Though it took me a long time and many years of trials and transitions, I finally gave my life fully over to Jesus and was baptized at the age of 27.

I attended college in North Texas and became a nurse. In 2010 I married the most genuine and loving man, Austin Taylor. Three years later we started our family and now have two sweet and spunky little girls Violet and Lily Mae. We started attending Grace in 2011 and loved it from the start, it felt like home.  Our love for the church and relationships there grew and I was blessed to start working in the children’s department at Grace the summer of 2018. Prior to working at Grace I was a stay at home mommy, BEST and hardest job God has entrusted me to.  God placed a desire in my heart long ago to help others and I thought that desire was filled in nursing and then being a mommy, but God knew better. I am grateful He led me to children’s ministry. Grace has continued to stretch and grow me in my faith and love for the Lord in ways that I never imagined. I am forever grateful to work alongside a staff that loves me well and continues to challenge me and for the opportunity to serve our Grace K!DS and their families.