How to Set Family Goals for 2022: 5 Great Tips to Get You Started
How to Set Family Goals for 2022: 5 Great Tips to Get You Started
Looking ahead and setting goals as a family for 2022

Talking about making goals during the new year is so common it is almost cliche and honestly pretty tired. But as a huge fan of making and meeting goals, I have to write a post about making goals for your family in 2022. 


I mean what kind of type A, 1 on the Enneagram, super goal-oriented person would I be if I didn’t write about making goals and meeting them as a family? So here we go: How to and Why to set family goals for 2022.

Why Make Goals for Your Family?

If you are a goal-oriented human being like me then you won’t need me to answer this question. You will wonder why I even have this section in the blog because isn’t it obvious? Isn’t the purpose of making goals self-explanatory? Maybe skip to the end if this is you. 


But if you are not someone who has this whole goal-making thing on lock then keep reading because this post is for you. 


Here are a few reasons why you should make goals for your family in 2022.

Give You a Direction

Goals serve a great purpose by giving you and your family direction.  When you sit down and look at how the previous year went and where you want to go and what you want to do in the coming year you can get a clear picture of how to get there. 


Knowing where to start to get to the end goal is half of the battle when it comes to setting and achieving your family goals. 

Keeps Your Eyes on Your Intentions

Setting goals also requires you to look at your intentions for making the goals in the first place. Intentions are important when you are making goals because they serve as motivation to keep you going. 


Meeting goals can become difficult and you can lose motivation when it seems like progress is slow. That is why you need to be clear about your intentions for setting those goals. 

Gives You a Map to Reference

As you progress through the year meeting goals that you set earlier you made need to reference back to what goals you set as a family. When you take the time to set the goals and write them down then you can use them as a type of map. 


It is okay, and often necessary, to stop and take stock of where you have been and where you still need to go to meet your 2022 family goals. 

How to Make Family Goals

Now that we have touched on why we make goals for a new year (or even in the middle of the year) we can talk about how to make family goals. Many of these steps can go for personal goals as well. 

Start With Prayer

First and foremost we need to start with prayer. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9 “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”  We can make all of our plans and set out our goals for the year but if you don’t ask the Lord what he has for your family then you may end up swimming upstream. 


Be intentional in your prayer time and wait for the Lord to answer. 

Hold a Meeting/Include Spouse and Kids 

Definitely hold a family meeting. If you are planning for your family then it is a good and prudent idea to make sure that your family is on the same page. 


Your spouse may feel like the Lord is leading to other goals and you two may need to spend some more time in prayer together to discern what God really wants for you. 


Your kids (if they are old enough) might have some things they would like to do or accomplish in 2022. Include them in the prayer and planning as well. 

Evaluate Your Values 

As you are planning goals for the new year you will want to make sure your goals line up with your values. Many of us know our values but for others, they are unclear or feel abstract. 


No matter which camp you are in it is important to take time to evaluate your values before setting your goals. This will help you make sure what you want to accomplish lines up with what you believe and value. 

Be Specific

Goals need to be specific and measurable. If you set goals that can’t be measured in steps or by accomplishment then you and your family will get discouraged. 


A key to goal setting and keeping is the ability to track your progress. I love a good checklist so I keep a list of my goals and break them down into smaller steps that I can check off along the way. It keeps me motivated. 

Set Yourself Up For Success

This is really important. Setting big goals and dreaming big is great and I love to see people set huge goals and reach them. But that isn’t always the case. Oftentimes people or families set these amazing goals that are not able to be reached in a year. 


This discourages them and eventually, they give up. I would encourage you to dream big but also set yourself up for success. If you are aiming high then make sure you have smaller steps to accomplish along the way as well as setting a realistic time frame. 


Maybe your family goal will take two years instead of one.  That is perfectly fine. Maybe your family goal doesn’t look like another family’s goal. Great!  You don’t need to look over the fence when setting your goals.


As you forge ahead and set your family goals for 2022 remember to include God and your family. Give yourself grace and keep your eyes on Jesus. Now go set some family goals!

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