Encountering God Through His Transforming Grace – Lindale
Encountering God Through His Transforming Grace
A Study of Ephesians

We are such works of art, cared for and tenderly sculpted by the hands of a loving Creator. Tarnished as we are by sin, stubborn as we can be in pursuit of earthly things, God, overflowing with grace, not only rescues us from sin but also transforms us into something truly beautiful: the bride and the body of Christ.

In Paul’s letter to Ephesus, we encounter God and His transforming grace, how it not only saves us but also equips and empowers us to pray, love, live, work, and, ultimately, to look like Him. It is only by His grace that we are molded and shaped into something truly beautiful.

Current Series
  • We were made with a capacity for relationships; however, because of our tendency to be self-serving we miss out on the gift of unity. In fact we are naturally strained in our relationship with God. We begin to see that...
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  • As we continue to encounter God through a deeper understanding of His goodness and kindness towards us, our hearts will be melted by the truth that for His glory God has actively worked in you what He desires for you.
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  • Our capacity for understanding is more limited than we know. So trying to comprehend the borders of God’s love and power is like trying to fit the whole ocean in a coffee cup. What we discover as we encounter God...
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  • Walking in a manner worthy of the calling to which you’ve been called is daunting if your motivation is driven by fear and guilt. However, knowing the gift of the indwelling of Christ works on our behalf we begin to...
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  • It is not a surprise to anyone that marriage can be difficult at times. However, God designed marriage for several reasons and when marriage is viewed properly it can be transformative. One of the reasons that scripture teaches us is...
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  • In a world full of evil, it’s important to know what we’re really wrestling with, and what we need to be equipped with to fight. Ultimately, we know that we are able to stand firm because Christ is seated on the...
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