Encountering God Through the Church – Lindale
Encountering God Through the Church
A Study of Titus, Philemon, and Jude

In this series, we will have the chance to encounter God through three little-known and less popular epistles: Titus, Philemon, and Jude. Epistles are letters to the Church designed to be read, first, to those addressed, and then to others for teaching, training, and encouragement in the Christian life.

What we see in these epistles is that as the Church is growing and facing challenges within their cultural contexts, these authors give hope, direction, and admonition to believers. The letters focus on many ideas: reconciling with others (mirroring how Christ reconciled us), being on guard against false teaching, and living as a follower of Christ in a chaotic and ever-changing world.  Our hope is that by studying these letters, we will encounter God through the Church, finding common ground in the pursuit of godly living in an ungodly world. We pray that God’s Word through the letters will serve as a guide in our approach to following Christ daily, to fostering God-honoring relationships, and to developing complete confidence in what we as Christians know to be true.

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