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Encountering God through the Person of Jesus
A study of the Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark is filled with examples of men and women and their life-changing encounters with Jesus. Some of these encounters come through experiences of his power in a personal way, while other encounters simply come through an experience of the truth that Jesus proclaimed. Regardless of the variety of ways these people encountered Jesus, one certainty remains…no encounter with Jesus left one of them the same.

As we read through the Gospel of Mark you will observe mothers, sons, outcasts, widows, and commoners all encountering the person of Jesus. Their struggles, doubts, and experiences are very relatable. Their questions are raw and honest. Their imperfections perfectly resonate. And their encounters give us optimism that we can encounter Jesus in a similar way.

So over the next few weeks, as you turn through the pages of Mark’s Gospel and study these significant encounters with Jesus, we encourage you to ask one simple question, “How different would my life look if I sought to encounter the person of Jesus each day?”

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