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Encountering God Through Biblical Characters
A Study of People and Their Encounters with God

Some say, “I’m not like the people in the Bible, they are spiritually well beyond me. My faith is not as strong as their faith.” But that can’t be true. One of the most freeing aspects of the Scriptures is the raw and transparent insight we get about the men and women in the Bible. We can learn from their encounters with God, we can be inspired by their encounters with God, and we can relate to their encounters with God.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to study a variety of encounters that men and women in the Bible had with God. From successful entrepreneurs to blue-collar workers, from expectant mothers to arrogant leaders, from broken prophets to wayward prophets, each of these encounter God in unique ways: some through a thunderous word from God and others through His gentle whisper. God meets them where they are and loves them too much to allow them to remain in their pride, doubts, and brokenness.

If a biblical character study is a new endeavor for you, then you are in for a treat! Don’t hold back, don’t play it safe, and don’t study these lives on the surface level. There will be uncomfortable times which will simultaneously be met with reassurance. Through the study of these men and women, we pray that you will see yourself in each of their stories and encounter God in a life-changing way.

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