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A Campaign to Expand the Lindale Campus Facilities

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Something is Happening in Lindale

Something has changed. You can see it when you look out your window and when you drive down I-69. The sounds of construction herald the arrival of new business and families. The city is growing. People are coming to Lindale.

Estimates suggest that this city is growing 5-6% each year. Lindale’s high school is now a 5A school that is still growing by 1-2% a year. New businesses such as Love and War, Tyler Junior College, and the health care industry continue to make significant investments here. Homes are being build at a dramatic rate. Young families, young professionals, and retirees are flocking to this area.

Something is Happening at Our Campus

You may have felt it in the church too. If you’ve ever struggled to find a seat or watched the cars back up down the road on a Wednesday night, you’ve experienced the growth.

In the last 3 years, Grace has grown 25% in the worship center alone. We baptize new believers and launch missional communities more often than ever before. Grace Student Ministry has doubled. As many as 150 students participate on Wednesday nights. At times, we host as many children in Grace K!DS as our OJ campus, which is built to serve twice as many people.


We took a step back and asked, “What is God doing here?” Our conclusion: God is expanding our reach. He is drawing people to Lindale and to Grace Community. As a result, our campus sends out more students than ever before, each who carry their gospel training with them. We are convinced that God has positioned Grace to profoundly impact our world with the gospel.


Because we value small groups and personal interaction, kids and students must gather in staff offices, hallways, and outside. They play in the parking lots and make the most of the space, but that space is gone. We’re not maxed out in the worship center yet, but we expect to be soon.


For the last year and a half we’ve sought wise counsel with members, staff, elders, and various community experts. After a strenuous, prayerful process, we have developed the following response to God’s movement in our community:

THE BIG VISION in 2 phases

Phase 1: Next Gen Addition

We will add over 10,000 sq. feet of large and small group space to accommodate current and future growth in Grace Kids, Joy, GSM, and the EEC. This includes an outdoor sport court and play areas. We see this space being used for discipleship training for all ages until we complete phase 2.

Phase 2: Expanded Worship Center & Sending Center

We will upgrade and expand the current worship center to serve 600 people in one service. We will build dedicated space to accommodate adult discipleship training classes and gathering space for the purpose of equipping, encouraging, and sending out disciples to make disciples for the glory of God.


This will require ALL of us to see this vision realized. Please pray about responding in one or more of these three ways.


The Lindale campus is a family. Let’s talk about how we can do this together.


This is a God sized goal that will take every single one of us participating at some level. We can only accomplish this with prayer and God’s help.


We want to encourage you to consider making a one-time gift or pledge a donation to be paid over 3 years. We will only begin construction when we have 100% of the cost in pledges and with 50% of the funds in the bank.

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