A hope that we have at Grace Community Church is to love our neighbors where we live, work, and play. A winter storm can be just the thing to open the door to knowingserving and loving your neighbors.  Here are a few ideas that will get you to that front door…

  • Give your neighbor a water bottle with a note that says “I thought this H2O in liquid form might be refreshing.”
  • Give your neighbor a piece of firewood with a note that says “I thought you wood be able to use this.”
  • Give your neighbor some paper plates, cups, bowls, and such with a note that says “Dishes piled up? These might help!”
  • Give your neighbor a candle with a note that says “Two birds with one stone: candles give light, and they make your house smell better after four days with no showers.”
  • Ask your neighbor if you can help deal with post winter storm recovery. Shovel a walkway or driveway, take snow and ice off a vehicle, or take Styrofoam covers off the hose bibs and reconnect the hose.
  • Put a note in their mailbox… you may be the first letter they have received in days!
  • Take your neighbor some cookies or a thermos of hot chocolate/coffee.
  • Take care of your neighbor’s kids for a few hours.
  • Put a fire pit in your front yard for s’mores and invite surrounding homes.
  • Invite your neighbors to a game night or yard games in the front yard.

Loving our neighbors brings Jesus to them, brings us great joy, and when done together can foster great community. Let’s go be the Church!