My Favorite Fall Family Traditions
My Favorite Fall Family Traditions

Fall is just around the corner (literally it is six days away) and I can already smell the pumpkin spice!  But let’s be honest, I have been drinking pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee since early August.

I have already brought all of my sweaters in from storage and waved goodbye to my two pairs of shorts and one tank top. I don’t know if you can tell, but summer isn’t my favorite.  Fall is by far my favorite season with winter as a close second.

I love the shorter days, the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and all of the pumpkin everything. As far as the cooler weather goes, that may be wishful thinking considering I live in Texas but let me live in my dreamland. Because even if I’m sweating I will have a scarf on. True story.

Anyway, one of the best things about fall is the fun family traditions we have. Since it is one of my favorite times of the year I really go all-in on some of the things we do.

Even though I am not big on seasonal decorations, I do like to have pumpkins on my porch. So let’s start there.

Pumpkin Everything!

As soon as we see the pumpkins hit the patch we are ready to go find those orange beauties. My kids get irritated with me when I won’t let them carve them on day one but I have a reason and come Thanksgiving they usually forgive me.

A tradition we have is to not carve the pumpkins we buy until the night before Halloween. Why you ask? I am one of those people who doesn’t just throw the pumpkins out back to let nature take its course. I cook the pumpkins down and puree them for fresh pumpkin pie. Also pumpkin cookies, pumpkin lattes at home, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup (I meant it when I said pumpkin EVERYTHING).

The kids and my husband all look forward to the fresh pumpkin pie which is how they forgive me for making them wait until October 30th to carve those orange messengers of fall.

Slowing Down

Fall is a time to welcome in a season of slowing down. I break out the candles, the warm socks, the blankets and other comfort items, the cocoa, and the hot tea. It is a time for crockpot meals, saying no to extra activities, and cozying up by the TV fireplace (we don’t have a real fireplace so don’t judge…).  Honestly, pumpkin only makes this tradition better.

My kids know that the slowdown comes in the fall so they are ready and waiting. They are grateful for the time of rest even if they give me some shade about it every once in a while.  I’m confident that those who are not grateful now will rally later in life.

Apple Picking

Yes, I know that we live in Texas. I also know that apple picking doesn’t really exist here. But hear me out. I don’t want to just list my favorite family traditions as a parent or an adult because I was a kid once. I did not grow up in Texas. In fact, I spent the first 11 years of my life in the midwest, where apple orchards are abundant. Which meant seasonal apple picking.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of apple picking. It was a big deal that involved hayrides, cider, popcorn balls, caramel apples, and bushels and bushels of apples. We have actually taken one of our kids apple picking, many moons ago when we only had one child. We went to visit family and made our way to an orchard. I have it on the list to do this with all of the kids at some point before they flee the nest.


I love to bake. It is a great pass time and the kids love freshly baked goodies but I don’t bake year-round. Fall is the kick-off of the baking season for me. There is nothing like the smell of fresh cookies, brownies, quick bread, muffins, and cakes in the house during the fall.

The kids love coming home from school to find a new treat every few days for a snack. I also enjoy baking with my kids. Especially the girls. My son likes baking fine but he prefers to be the official taste tester.  The girls like to plan out treats to make for the neighbors as well. The house always smells delicious in the fall!


This may seem like a shortlist of fall family traditions but number two on the list explains why we have a shortlist of traditions. We slow down, eat a lot of pumpkin, bake all of the things, and dream of apple picking. But it is us and we love it. That is one of the things that makes us, well, us.  What fall family traditions make your family unique???

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