G56 – University Blvd
G56 University Blvd Campus

G56 Sunday Mornings

When: 9:30-10:45am
Where: Room 108

G56 Sunday Mornings are a fun, relaxed time for 5th/6th graders to grow in friendship with one another, as well as continue building a solid understanding of what it means to be a believer in God and follower of Christ. Students can expect to have fun with a short game or activity, then spend time learning and discussing with one another.

G56 Hangouts

G56 Hangouts vary in location and form, but they will always serve the purpose of providing fun and connection for our campus’s 5th/6th graders. G56 Hangouts take place once/month. Check the app for specific dates, or contact Luke Swanson for more information.