Family Connect
Sunday, November 11, 2018


What is Family Connect?

Today’s family is faced with busyness on every side. Whether it’s work, school, sports or the never ending question, “What’s for dinner”, families typically find themselves struggling just to make it through the day. Family Connect is designed to take time out from the craziness of life and bring our Grace family together for the purpose of strengthening the family unit.

Here are some things you can expect at Family Connect. We will kick of our time together in the auditorium, where we will hear from our Pastor, engage in worship and possibly enjoy an ice breaker or 2. Throughout the afternoon, we will be released to spread out and enjoy a relaxing and encouraging atmosphere while taking part in a series of challenging relationship-strengthening activities.  Near each activity you will find simple instructions as well as a friendly face to encourage your family along the way. As you walk through these activities, our trained leaders are available to observe and assist (if necessary) you in finding the strengths each family already has. Good relationships will be emphasized as the family teams interact with each other and leaders interact with each other. We will wrap up the afternoon by enjoying a meal together. After all these games, your family will surely have worked up an appetite!


Why Family Connect?

If you google, “characteristics of strong families” a plethora of studies and lists will appear. Whether it’s 6, 9, 24 or somewhere in between, one thing is certain, you will always find a common theme and 6 key components included in every list.  Since 1974, approximately 24,000 family members from 35 nations have been interviewed in more than 60 studies. This international research on “Characteristics of strong families?” (DeFrain, Stinnett, Olson) found simple but profound results. Regardless of culture, social class or composition of the families, these 6 Key Components have consistently been identified as necessities of a strong family. To say we are excited about the transformative potential to grow strong healthy families here at Grace through Family Connect is an understatement. Our annual FC events will focus on 2 of these keys at a time. Register today to ensure your family gets an inside look into what it takes to grow in the 6 Keys of a strong family.


Who should participate in Family Connect?

EVERYONE! Family Connect has many components to it. It will take a large number of leaders and volunteers to ensure a meaningful and memorable event. From YoPros to empty nesters, we highly encourage you to get involved and share your wisdom (and maybe muscles) with our Grace Family.

Contact for more information or to volunteer at Family Connect at Lindale Campus

Contact for more information or to volunteer at Family Connect at Old Jacksonville Campus

Contact for more information or to volunteer at Family Connect at University Blvd Campus