We are going to be doing a year long devotional this year based on a book called, “The New City Catechism.”  A catechism is a summary or collection of important principles for the Christian faith.  The NCC has 52 principles…which means we get to examine and even memorize one principle of our faith every week for 2021.

Before we look at our first principle, there are several ways you can get a copy of the NCC.  Of course, you can go to your favorite bookstore and simply purchase a hard copy.  Just look up, “The New City Catechism.”  It looks like this.  Or you can buy the ebook or kindle version.  And perhaps the simplest is way to access the catechism is to either go to the website (www.newcitycatechism.com) or to go to your App Store and search for the free NCC APP.  All platforms have the exact same 52 weeks of important principles of our faith.  And I should note, PARENTS, there is a family version of this as well on all platforms for you children.